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Save Money With Fineline’s Frequent Flyer Program!

By June 18, 2024June 19th, 2024No Comments
Hey Gang,
I’ve had a lot of customers over the past few years who have thought about or even purchased a new boat so that they could get out on the water and do some fishing.
While this seems like a great idea at first, I wanted to point out (or refresh your memory if I’ve mentioned this to you before) that this may not be quite as good a deal as it sounds.
Let’s look at the realistic cost of owning your own boat in the 22 to 25-foot class.  These boats have an average price of around $90K to $140K at your local dealer. That’s a lot of money!!!! The average boat owner who works 40 to 50 hours a week uses the boat about twice a month or just 24 times per year.
So, let’s look a little closer at what you are getting yourselves into when you decide to buy a typical boat these days.
This is a “rough” MONTHLY cost estimate breakdown, for the average boat owner that lives in a H.O.A. community.  You can’t keep the boat at your house, so you will have to go back and forth- loading and unloading the boat EACH TIME- you get it out of a storage facility.
Remember these are “approximate” MONTHLY costs-your actual costs may be higher!!
Boat payment (based on a 15 year loan at 8%) $800-$1,200
Boat insurance=$100-$150
Outdoor Storage $250-$350
Indoor Storage=$400-$550
Marina dry stack Storage$550-$800
100 Hour Boat service=$700-$800 X twice yearly = $1,400 to $1,600 per year then divide by 12= $120 to $135 per month
“Other” boat maintenance plus labor @ $120 to $150 per hour. (bilge or baitwell pumps, lights, switches, etc.) $400-$800 per year then divide by 12= $35 to $65 per month
Trailer Maintenance (tire blow out, trailer bearing repacking, trailer lights, etc.) $300 to $800 per year then divide by 12= $25 to $65 per month
Bait, Ice, drink, food roughly $100-$200 per trip X 2 trips a month =$200- $400 per month
Boat fuel fill up (mid grade) based on 60-80 gallon tank @ $3.75 per gallon = $225 to $300 per fill up.
Total cost of boat ownership PER MONTH for the average 22 to 25-foot vessel runs a bare minimum of about $1,900 per month.  This number could be as high as $2,800 per month depending on your scenario.
On top of the cost for the boat,  you need a truck to pull the boat.  The average ½ ton pickup truck is going for around $60-$70K right now.  With this additional truck payment, you can add another $1000 per month to your ownership costs.  So, owning a boat is going to cost you at least $3000 more per month than you may be currently spending.
Remember that’s – PER MONTH!
Captain Justin and I can offer you a MUCH more cost-effective way to go fishing with your family, friends, (or if you need a business write off-employees and customers ) without the headache or extra expense of owning, insuring, maintaining, fueling, and CLEANING a boat for yourself.
But wait there’s more!!!… You get a full-time fishing guide to take you to the fish- at no additional charge!!!!
Our 6-hour fishing trips start at $650 per trip (depending on the trip type). You can go fishing TWICE A MONTH with captain Justin or myself, include a tip, and you’re still spending way less money than you would if you owned your own boat. 
That can add up to over a $1000 SAVING per month if you fish with us!
The cost savings of booking your fishing charters with us is undeniable, so let captain Jim or Captain Justin be your “monthly boat payment” this year.
You can see that booking with us one or two times per month is way more cost effective than buying your own boat, PLUS, you may get some tax benefits for some of you as well.
But wait….. there’s even more!
We have put together a “FREQUENT ANGLER PROGRAM” for those of you that love to go fishing, and want to take advantage of saving even more money.
Pre-book your fishing dates through the end of this year- before JULY 30th, 2024.  You must book at least four (4) trips (or more) and get discounted rates with your favorite fishing charter captains!
Reserve 4 to 8 trips through the end of the year and save $50 per trip!  ($200 to $400 additional savings)
Reserve 9 to 12 trips through the end of the year and save $75 per trip! ($675 to $900 savings)
Reserve 13 or more trips through the end of the year and save $100 per trip! ($1,300 or more savings)
These discounts apply to any of our 5, 6, or 8-hour excursions!!
There are a few Blackout dates- but not many.
Step #1: Contact Captain Jim or Captain Justin to receive your discount code.
Step #2: Visit our web sites reservation page, and book your fishing trips using the code.  You will receive a confirmation email for each trip you book.  Each date requires a $100 deposit at the time of the booking.
Step #3: Enjoy your day out on the water fishing with us and Catch Your Next Memory!
Captain Justin and I hope that you will appreciate an offer like this.  This offer is only for our valued repeat customers.  We encourage you to take advantage of our latest offer, and spend more days out on the water this year.
If you have questions, please feel free to email or call us.  We love all of our repeat clients and friends, and can’t wait to have you on our boats again.

Let’s Catch Your Next Memory!

-Captain Jim Ross

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