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client with cobia

Cobia are Florida's "Brown Bombers" -- hard fighting and great eating!

Cobia are found only in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean in this portion of Florida They are generally present anytime the water temperature readings are above the 68-degree mark. We generally have a “Spring” (Feb-March) and a “Fall” (Oct-December) run of these incredibly hard fighting yet good tasting fish. Cobia are found around the Canaveral shipping channel buoys and nearshore wrecks. They can also be found near color changes, temperature changes, all sorts of floating weeds or flotsam. They are also very cunning hunters and will follow large sea turtles and manta rays using them like mobile ambush stations whenever possible. Cobia are curious animals and will often swim right up to the boat to see “what’s going on.” During the Spring of the year we search for them on sunny days they come to the surface to bask in the sun for warmth. “Sight” fishing for them is one of our favorite ways to pass a warm springtime day.

Tackle for cobia usually consists of 15 to 30-pound class casting or spinning gear. Large topwater plugs, spoons, and bucktail or nylon jigs ranging from 3/4 to 2 ounces are great lure choices for these fish. Live menhaden, mullet, pinfish or crab are preferred natural bait choices. We generally do not use circle hooks when fishing for cobia as they have an uncanny knack of spitting these types of hooks. Fly fisherman need to use 9 to 11 weight gear to cast the large streamer flies the cobia usually like to eat.

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