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Cocoa Beach Tarpon Fishing is Amazing!

Have you ever caught a fish that was 6′ long, weighed close to 200lbs, lept into the air, screamed drag off your reel, and left you exhausted after landing it? That’s tarpon fishing in a nutshell! It the most exciting and rewarding type of fishing we have available in all of Florida. You simply have to experience it!

Every year, tarpon migrate from south Florida, the Florida Keys, and even Cuba to the waters east of Orlando near Sebastian Inlet and Cocoa Beach to prepare to spawn. As they arrive, they are on a mission, and that mission is to eat! They fatten up all along their annual migration to prepare themselves for the summer spawn. That gives us an amazing opportunity to fish for them when they are most likely to strike our offerings. These Spawning adult fish are usually in their greatest numbers from May through July.  At this time of the year tarpon travel in school that can range from 10 fish to almost 1000. It really is a sight to see the large groups of silver beast moving down the beach. Captain Jim and Captain Justin will position their boats in front of the schools, present baits, and then it’s your turn, so HOLD ON!

During the months surrounding the summer spawning activity from about March through November, both adult and juvenile tarpon can be potential targets on our daily charters.  Although they are not in giant schools they can usually still be targeted.  Small pods of juvenile Tarpon ranging from 1 to 40 pounds usually take up residence in tributaries leading into our main lagoons between Titusville to Sebastian Inlet.  These younger fish will strike a variety of live baits, lures, and flies.  Larger tarpon can also be found on some days, especially in the later summer and early fall periods.  These larger adults are not spawning during these times, and primarily hang out in the main portions of the Indian, Banana, and Mosquito lagoons feeding on larger bait fish and crabs.

If you have never been tarpon fishing, you owe it to yourself to experience it at least one time in your life. Fishing with experienced guides like Capt. Jim Ross and Capt. Justin Ross will ensure that you have the best opportunity to catch a fish of a lifetime.

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