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client jack crevalle

Pound for pound, Jacks are some of the hardest fighting fish in Florida.

Jack Crevalle are closely related to Pompano, Permit, Amberjack, and other edible fishes, but they have ZERO food value. In my opinion, these fish are pound for pound the best fighting fish that swims in any water anywhere in the world. Period! Crevalle have voracious appetites and will usually hit any moving object if they think it won’t eat them first. Whether you use spin, plug, or fly tackle for jack you will experience a fight like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. From hook-up to boat-side release these popular fish will pull non-stop. Smaller fish to 8 pounds are available throughout the year in all three lagoons. Larger fish ranging from 10 to 35 pounds are usually most abundant from late March through early October. Their spawning period of May through July is unquestionably the best.

Gear ranging in size from 8 to 30-pound class is used most. You just need to decide how much punishment you want to endure before choosing a rod and reel combo to chase them with. The smaller fish encountered inshore fight best on 8 to 15-pound class gear and the larger ocean runners are best with 15-pound class gear and above.

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