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We offer several exciting fishing adventures!

Whether you are looking to catch a monster, stalk fish in the backcountry, or just catch as many fish as possible, we have the fishing adventure for you!

**Our prices are based on 1 to 3 anglers, however our spacious 24′ Skeeter bay boats can accommodate up to 4 guests each.  There is a 4th-guest upcharge, excluding Family Inshore trips.**

Skinny Water Experience

Inshore Lagoon Fishing

Experience fishing the shallows for aggressive Speckled Trout, huge Redfish, big Black Drum, acrobatic Snook and more in protected lagoon waters, or  go near-coastal for snook, sharks, jacks, tripletail, and flounder,

4 Hours – $550

6 Hours – $650

8 Hours – $750

4th Angler – add $100


Relaxed Fishing Eco Tour

Great for the Dad who is bringing Mom and kids under 12! Trip rates include up to four anglers! Designed to be a “get out and enjoy the outdoors” kinda trip for the family! See the dolphins, manatees and catch a few fish!

4 Hours – $450

Various Shark Species & More

Inshore Shark Fishing Trips

Anglers can take seasonal near-shore shark fishing charters that will get you up close and personal with some of the oceans’ apex predators. Stop watching “shark week” on tv and come experience the battle with one of jaws’ cousins for yourself.. other types of sharks are possible from March through December. Please, contact your Captain and let him know that you’d like to target sharks on your fishing adventure!

4 Hours – $550

4th Angler – add $100

Battle A
“Silver King”

Tarpon Fishing Trips

During the May through October time frame, anglers may be able to target one of the world most sought after game fish species- the tarpon. Tarpon are saltwater athletes!

6 Hours – $700

8 Hours – $900

4th Angler – add $200

Wide Variety of Species

Offshore Wreck & Reef Fishing

Offshore slow trolling live baits and bottom dropping from 3-20 miles offshore for King Mackerel, Cobia, Red Snapper and other hard fighting offshore game species.

6 Hours – $700

8 Hours – $900

4th Angler – add $200


Pre-book all of your fishing dates before February 29th, 2024.  You must book at least four (4) or more times this year and get discounted rates with your favorite fishing charter captains!
Reserve 4 to 8 trips per year, and save $50 per trip!  ($200 to $400 savings)
Reserve 9 to 12 trips per year, and save $75 per trip! ($675 to $900 savings)
Reserve 13 or more trips per year and save $100 per trip! ($1,300 or more savings)
These discounts apply to all 5, 6, and 8-hour trips!!
Blackout dates- May 2024 Islamorada bookings with Captain Jim are not eligible for these discounts.

EASY AS 1-2-3!

Step #1: Contact Captain Jim or Captain Justin to book your dates and receive your discount code. Each date requires a $100 deposit at the time of the booking.
Step #2: visit our web sites reservation page, book your trips using your code, and receive a confirmation email for each trip booked directly in your email inbox.
Step #3: Enjoy your hassle-free days out on the water fishing with us and Catching Your Next Memory!
Captain Justin and I hope that you will appreciate an offer like this, and take advantage of it to spend more days out on the water this year.  If you have questions please feel free to email or call.  We love all of our repeat clients and friends, and can’t wait to have you on our boats again.

Payment/Cancellation Policy

  • $100/day* deposit required to confirm a reservation, along with a 3.3% processing fee, when completed online using a credit card or debit card.
  • ALL final payments for the balance due for your fishing trip are to be paid on the day of your booking.  If the balance for your trip is paid by credit card the remainder of the amount due IS subject to online processing fees of 3.3%.
  • ALL Wreck, Reef, and near-shore trips WILL BE converted to flats/inshore fishing trips of the same duration if sea conditions do not allow for our captains to SAFELY take your group out into the ocean.  This decision WILL BE made by your captain on THE MORNING of your reservation.
  • Cancellation by the client within 10 DAYS of their scheduled trip WILL result in $50 cancellation fee, plus a 3.3% processing fee.
  • Cancellation by the client within 48 HOURS of their scheduled trip WILL result in $100 cancellation fee, plus a 3.3% processing fee.
  • There is NO COST to our clients for cancellation made BY YOUR CAPTAIN due to UNSAFE weather conditions on the morning of your reservation, or for any other reason at THE CAPTAINS’ sole discretion.
  • HOWEVER, Wreck & Reef trips that are NOT converted to flats/inshore trips (due to safety concerns, or per customer request for an unforeseen extenuating circumstance) MUST be rescheduled to run on a day sometime within the next 6 months for the deposit to apply.  Non-compliance WILL result in forfeiture of that days reservation deposit plus any applicable processing fees.  Ask your captain for further details.
  • All trip types that do not run to their full duration due to unsafe conditions, or ANY other reason as deemed by THE CAPTAIN, WILL BE prorated to the nearest half hour for the balance due for the booking.
  • Your captain is a professional at his line of work.  He wants you to have an enjoyable experience while out on the water, and will do his best as a United States Coast Guard licensed captain to make that happen.
  • Thank you for your understanding of our business policies.