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Wreck & Reef fishing just off the east coast of Florida.

Our part of Florida — Cocoa Beach, Sebastian Inlet, & Cape Canaveral — offers amazing deep water fishing without having to go miles and miles offshore. Because of our unique location on the east coast of Florida, deep water is accessible within sight of land. That gives us the chance to get you to the fish fast, without having to waste time on long boat rides.

Our wreck and reef fishing is nothing short of spectacular! We have great fishing for kingfish, triple tail, spanish mackerel, several species of snapper, cobia, sharks an more.

We can target certain species or we can go for a mixed bag trip. Just let us know what type of trip you are interested in and we’ll tailor the trip to fit what you’re looking to do.

Wreck and Reef fishing can be great for families because it doesn’t require a lot of experience for anglers to be successful and because the fishing can often be very action packed. If you have a family that would like to “keep the rod bent”, a wreck and reef fishing charter could be the perfect fishing trip for you.

Anglers looking for pelagic and reef species while fishing from a light tackle bay skiff can join Captain Jim or Captain Justin Ross for one of their wreck and reef fishing excursions.  With the explosion of the red snapper population on the wrecks and reefs off Cocoa Beach and Cape Canaveral, anglers now have an excellent chance to fight one of the reefs toughest inhabitants. 

This amazing recovery is due in part to the multi-year federal closure to harvesting this species.  Red snapper are a hard fighting game fish which provide incredible catch and release opportunities for anglers looking to engage in battle with one of these powerful fish. 

Other species that we encounter on these types of trips are a variety of large sharks, bonito, crevalle jack, flounder, giant stingrays, cobia, and barracuda.  Though we do not troll ballyhoo like what you can expect from true offshore excursions, our captains even have their clients land an occasional dolphin (mahi mahi), sailfish, or permit while out on this type fishing charter.

Nearshore Fishing Adventures

The near coastal waters of the Atlantic Ocean east of Orlando are teaming with a variety of fish species throughout the year. Our anglers might find themselves casting for snook, bluefish, spanish mackerel, pompano, jacks, redfish, speckled trout, whiting, or a host of other nearshore species near pods of baitfish or along the back side of the surf break on a fishing trip of this sort. We also slow troll with live baitfish for king mackerel, tarpon, bonito and Crevalle Jack in these near-shore waters during the summer months.

Captain Jim and Captain Justin also slow troll with baitfish and lures for King Mackerel, Bonito, Cobia, Sharks, Barracuda and other hard fighting game fish during the warmer months of the year out to about the 20-miles mark over reefs and wrecks. These types of reef and wreck trips are generally recommended in the March through November time frame. Since you are out in the open ocean on these near-shore and offshore trips, weather can effect the seas conditions at any time of the year. If the seas are too rough to go out into the ocean, we usually try to move your trip into the calmer waters of our lagoons and rivers. This way you still have a great fishing experience with us while you are in town.

The near-coastal, reef, and wreck fishing trips in December through February are usually much less productive due to cold water currents, high wind (10 to 20 knots) and rough sea conditions that are pushed in on cold fronts during our winter months. We recommend that you contact us for current water temperatures and fish availability before booking an excursion of this type during this time period.

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