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Florida's near-shore Shark Fishing Trips

Shark fishing has become a very popular over the past few years, and the beaches east of Orlando along Florida’s Space Coast have plenty of these toothy critters. The area from Sebastian Inlet to Ponce Inlet has one of the highest number of shark bites on the eastern seaboard of the United States. This is not good for beach-goers, but fantastic for anglers wanting to catch sharks!

Port Canaveral and Cocoa Beach is centrally located along this stretch, and sharks are so common that we can fish for them during almost every month of the year. Their is a huge variety of shark species that we catch depending on the time of year, and the list is quite extensive. Blacktip, spinner, bull, sharpnose, finetooth, black nose, hammerhead, sandbar, lemon, and even tiger sharks are possible when shark fishing in Cocoa Beach.

Inshore Shark Fishing Opportunity

The Indian River and Banana River, and Mosquito Lagoon also have a variety of sharks in them. At certain times of the year-primarily dictated by our baitfish migrations- we can catch quite a few bull, bonnethead, and blacktip shark while out fishing for redfish, speckled trout, and big black drum in the saltwater flats and back country waters. Usually these are slightly smaller sharks measuring to about 5-feet long, and weighing up to about 60-pounds. This makes these lagoon sharks a great choice for your kids to try to land, because they are often the driving force behind choosing our shark fishing trip options.

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