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If you have questions, we have answers!

How many people can you take fishing?

We can take up tp 4 people per boat on our bay boats and up to two people on our flats skiff.

If you have a large group, we can accommodate you with our network of skilled guides. Call for details.

What can we fish for?

We can catch redfish, snook, and trout during most of the year on flats and inshore charters.

We catch tarpon during the spring and summer months.

We can catch a variety of other fish throughout the year on our wreck and reef charters. Please call to ask us what’s biting.

Can we keep out catch?

Most of the time the answer is, “yes”. You are more than welcome to keep your limit of fish that are within the legal size limits and during their open season. if you have questions about this, feel free to give us a ring.

Will you clean our catch for us?

Absolutely & there is no additional charge for having us clean your catch.

Is there a bathroom on your boats?

No. But, there are plenty of ways to take care of this issue, including places close to our fishing spots that we can stop and let you use the restroom.

Do we have to buy a fishing license?

No. We have a fishing license that covers everyone on the boat.

What's provided?

  • Local expert fishing knowledge for species inhabiting the Indian, Banana, and Mosquito Lagoons and the near-shore waters east of Orlando.
  • Fishing licenses for up to four anglers.
  • Top quality fishing gear including Capt. Jim’s own personal line of Memory Stix fishing rods, plus all other tackle, lures, bait and ice.
  • Cooler for food and drinks (1 and 2 person parties)
  • Fish cleaning for anglers that would like to invite some fish home for dinner.
  • Discounted pricing on release mount(s) (fiberglass replica) services for memorable catches like giant redfish, tarpon, snook, etc. through a trusted local reputable source.

What should we bring?

  • Polarized sunglasses (amber lens color is preferred)
  • Polarized sunglasses (so you can see the fish you’re going to be casting at)
  • Polarized sunglasses ( just incase I forgot to mention it)
  • Camera
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Soft soled shoes with a non-marking sole
  • Your own cooler especially for parties of three or more
  • Plenty of non-caffeinated drinks such as water, Gatorade, propel, etc.
  • Separate cooler if you intend to keep fish for dinner
  • Motion sickness medicine for near-shore trips (Please start dosage 1 day prior to actual fishing trip if you think you might get motion sickness)

What should we wear?

Summertime anglers can wear bikinis and swimsuits so you can get a tan. When fishing May through September you should also bring a lightweight cover-up (i.e.. technical microfiber vented shirt, long sleeve tee, or lightweight cotton shirt to protect yourselves from excessive sun and wind exposure as well).

Fall, Winter, and Springtime anglers fishing October through April should dress for temperatures 10 to 15 degrees colder than the forecasted morning low temperature to account for wind chill while the boat is running to the fishing grounds.

What is your Payment & Cancellation Policy?

  • $100/day* deposit required to confirm a reservation, along with a 3.3% processing fee, when completed online using a credit card or debit card.
  • ALL final payments for the balance due for your fishing trip are to be paid on the day of your booking.  If the balance for your trip is paid by credit card the remainder of the amount due IS subject to online processing fees of 3.3%.
  • ALL Wreck, Reef, and near-shore trips WILL BE converted to flats/inshore fishing trips of the same duration if sea conditions do not allow for our captains to SAFELY take your group out into the ocean.  This decision WILL BE made by your captain on THE MORNING of your reservation.
  • Cancellation by the client within 10 DAYS of their scheduled trip WILL result in $50 cancellation fee, plus a 3.3% processing fee.
  • Cancellation by the client within 48 HOURS of their scheduled trip WILL result in $100 cancellation fee, plus a 3.3% processing fee.
  • There is NO COST to our clients for cancellation made BY YOUR CAPTAIN due to UNSAFE weather conditions on the morning of your reservation, or for any other reason at THE CAPTAINS’ sole discretion.
  • HOWEVER, Wreck & Reef trips that are NOT converted to flats/inshore trips (due to safety concerns, or per customer request for an unforeseen extenuating circumstance) MUST be rescheduled to run on a day sometime within the next 6 months for the deposit to apply.  Non-compliance WILL result in forfeiture of that days reservation deposit plus any applicable processing fees.  Ask your captain for further details.
  • All trip types that do not run to their full duration due to unsafe conditions, or ANY other reason as deemed by THE CAPTAIN, WILL BE prorated to the nearest half hour for the balance due for the booking.
  • Your captain is a professional at his line of work.  He wants you to have an enjoyable experience while out on the water, and will do his best as a United States Coast Guard licensed captain to make that happen.
  • Thank you for your understanding of our business policies.

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