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Orlando and Cocoa Beach area Fall Fishing Action

By November 5, 2018 January 29th, 2019 No Comments

The Fall weather is cooling things off around central Florida, and this has an effect on the fishing action here in the Orlando and Cocoa Beach areas.  Black Drum in the 8 to 30 pound range have been one of the better species to target throughout the summer month as many of you have seen on our monthly updates about fishing in the Orlando area.  Well now that fall has arrived these same fish are not being nearly as cooperative as they were earlier in the year.  This scenario has Captain Justin Ross and I out searching for your next bite.  In the process we have found decent numbers of slot sized redfish and trout in the waters around Cocoa Beach over the past week.  Most of these fish are ranging in size from one to 8 pounds.  Now, I need to clarify that this fishing isn’t our usual “site” casting to fish we can see moving around in the clear shallow flats.  It has been much different.  We are mainly using cut chunks of bait in the dirtier water areas.  Having said this, you don’t have to be a highly skilled and accurate caster to catch these fish right now.  Anyone can do it.  So if you like to go out and have a nice relaxing day without the pressure of being an excellent angler, we highly recommend that you come fish with us right now.  We are also looking forward to the cooler water temps bringing in fish species that are good to eat to the near-shore waters. Flounder, tripletail, cobia, pompano, and whiting are some of the fish that we should start to see near the Cocoa Beach area over the next few weeks.  The weather is getting nicer and the fish are still feeding so come join us on your next fishing adventure east of the Orlando area on Florida Space Coast.

Until next week…Catch a memory!!!

Captain Jim Ross



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