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Cocoa Beach top water lure action is working best by Captain Jim Ross

By May 17, 2017 One Comment
COCOA BEACH INSHORE-Redfish and trout action in the Indian and Banana River lagoons near Cocoa Beach has been a little slow this week.
One of the best ways to find some of the more aggressive fish is to cast a top water plug near mullet schools.  Let these noisy lures be
heard so the trout and redfish can find them.  We've been using the Rapala Skitterwalk plugs most of the time, and have had decent success
with fish to about 5 pounds.  When you fish these lures near a mullet school try a "twitch and pause" retrieve rather than a steady,
continuous cadence when you are bringing these lures back to the boat.  The trout should hit on the pause.  Redfish on the other hand 
will usually hit while the lure is moving.  Live shrimp or cut baits are best for the redfish during the rest of the day. There have been
some flounder inside the basins and around the entrance to Port Canaveral just north of Cocoa Beach this past week.  Hopefully these fish will 
continue to hold in this area for a little while longer.  Live baits like pilchards, shrimp, mud minnows, and fingerling mullet have been
working best to get them to strike.  I like ot rig these live baits on a jig head or sliding sinker rig.  It won't be long before the tarpon
start to show up along the near-shore waters east of Orlando and Cocoa Beach.  Most of the fish are going to be in the 70 to 125 pound range,
so start working out now so that you are in shape to pull on one of these great fighting fish when you book a trip with me.

Until next time....Catch a memory!!!    

Captain Jim Ross
Fineline Fishing Charters

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