Fishing Report For Thursday, January 15, 2015


EAST ORLANDO, COCOA BEACH, PORT CANAVERAL – OFFSHORE - Anglers are waiting for the weather to break so they can get back out onto the waters of the Atlantic ocean east of Orlando.  Rough conditions due to the northerly winds are expected to subside by this weekend around the Cocoa Beach area giving angler some hope that they can go out to try their luck. Anglers should be able to find cobia, beeliners-(local term for Vermillion snapper), and mangrove snapper on the reefs and wrecks in the 90 to 120-foot depths. King mackerel should be a good bet on these same reefs for anglers slow trolling with live or frozen sardines on wire stinger rigs.

ORLANDO, COCOA BEACH- INSHORE-Black drum can be found roaming the flats in all three lagoons at this time. Look for fish in the 15 to 30-pound range to be the most common in the Indian and Banana River lagoons east of Orlando and west of Cocoa Beach.  Live shrimp or cut baits are working well on these fish. Upper-slot and over-slot sized redfish are also possible in the flats of these two lagoons for anglers using these same baits.  Smaller black drum in the 2 to 5 pound range are more likely to be found in the Mosquito Lagoon north of Cocoa Beach and north east of Orlando. Live shrimp or cut shrimp or small crab style flies usually work best for them.  Small trout are possible in deeper sections of the flats that still have grass on them or near areas of soft muddy bottom where shrimp tend to congregate when the lagoons waters dip into the 60 degree range.

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Captain Jim Ross

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Fishing Report For Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Central Florida fishing remains good this week in the Mosquito and Indian River Lagoons.

NORTH ORLANDO, DAYTONA BEACH, AND PONCE INLET- OFFSHORE-If anglers can get to the “Rolldown” area north east of the inlet they should find a few small dolphin, and some scattered wahoo on the piece of structure. Some blackfin tuna and king mackerel could be possible on the 90 to 140-foot reefs. All of these species should strike trolled ballyhoo.

NORTH ORLANDO, DAYTONA BEACH, AND PONCE INLET-INSHORE-Sheepshead and black drum catches are decent near docks and oyster bars in the Daytona Beach, New Smyrna Beach, and Mosquito Lagoon areas. Live or cut fresh shrimp and small crabs are probably the best bait options for these two species. Speckled trout and slot sized redfish are also possible in this area of the lagoon. Jigs, spoons, and other small, slow-moving lures can be effective during the incoming tide phases.

EAST ORLANDO, COCOA BEACH, AND PORT CANAVERAL OFFSHORE-King mackerel can be found on many of the 60 to 90-foot reefs this week. Anglers have been struggling to get out on many days recently. Anglers that have gotten out have been finding success by slow trolling with live or frozen sardines. Rapala X-Rap or Williamson Speed Pro deep diving plugs and King Getter style spoons can be effective at time when the king mackerel get really fired A few blackfin tuna, small dolphin, and even a cobia or two may be possible while anglers are trolling for the kings.

EAST ORLANDO, COCOA BEACH, INDIAN AND BANANA RIVER LAGOONS INSHORE- Whiting and silver trout are possible in the deeper stretches of these lagoons. Small jigs seem to be working best, but live or cut shrimp can be a good alternative bait. Black drum in the 5 to 20 pound range are also possible using these types of baits in the deeper flats this week.  Redfish and trout are holding fairly shallow in the Indian and Banana river lagoons near cocoa beach but they will probably start to seek out deeper waters as we start to get some colder weather later n the week.

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Fineline Fishing Charters fishing guide Captain Jim Ross

Fishing Report For Wednesday, December 31, 2014

ORLANDO, DAYTONA BEACH INSHORE FISHING FORECAST-Speckled trout are feeding on live shrimp or sea shad style jigs in the Daytona and Cocoa Beach areas east of Orlando. The Saltwater Assassin opening night color has been especially good when worked around oyster bars, docks, and deeper cuts near mangrove covered shorelines.  Black drum and mangrove snapper are possible at the Daytona and Cocoa Beach area bridgesfor anglers using live shrimp near the bases of the pilings duringthe slack tide phase.  Sheepshead are possible here too but prefer small crabs most of the time.  

ORLANDO, COCOA BEACH, PORT CANAVERAL OFFSHORE FISHING FORECAST-Small dolphin are fairly abundant on the rips and weed lines associated with the western edge of the Gulf Stream.  A few sailfish and wahoo are also 
possible near these features. King mackerel are possible on wrecks and reefs in the 90 to 140-foot depths east of Orlando and Cocoa Beach.  Live or dead offering like pogies, sardines, and greenies will get them to bite best but lipped diving lures and chin weighted ballyhoo will work in most situations.  Cobia are showing up inthese same depths.  Look for them following rays, whales, turtles, and sunfish or holding on wrecks in the 70 to 180-foot range. 

ORLANDO, COCOA BEACH, INSHORE FISHING FORECAST-speckled trout, redfish, and black drum are possible catches in all three lagoons east of Orlando at this time.  Look for fish sunning themselves in the 1 to 2-foot depths.  Plastic Jigs or minnow shaped diving lures are top producers for the trout.  Saltwater Assassin 4-inch sea shad tails are one of Captain Jim Ross's favorite lures to use and they are working on many of these fish species right now. Rootbeer with red and gold flake, salt and pepper silver phantom with a 
chartreuse tail, or opening night colors are working on most days.Sight casting with live shrimp as well will get them to strike. 

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Guide- Captain Jim Ross
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Fishing Report For Sunday, December 28, 2014


DAYTONA INSHORE-Sheepshead are hitting small crabs near the inlet jetties and many of 
the docks in the main portion of the river  A few trout and black drum are 
possible here as well. Redfish are showing up in the back creeks and bays from 
Browns Bay to Bisset Bay.  Look for them along the oysters shell beds in these 
area. Live shrimp or cut baits have been working best for these fish. 


COCOA BEACH OFFSHORE-Trolling action for King mackerel is still a good bet on 
the 80 to 90-foot reefs.  Slow trolling with live pogies, pilchards, or sardines 
can be very effective, but strip baits or lipped diving plugs shouldn't be over 
looked for their effectiveness as well. scattered cobia and tripletail can be 
found around floating debris in the 30 to 70-foot depths. 

ORLANDO COCOA BEACH INSHORE/FLATS-Live shrimp or cut baits are helping anglers land black drum in the 15 
to 25-pound range and redfish in the 15-30 pound range on the deeper flats of 
the Indian and Mosquito Lagoons.  Look for schools of fish pushing wakes or 
tailing in the 3 to 4-foot depths on calm days.  Slot sized reds have been 
hugging tight to shorelines in all three lagoons. Weedless plastic lures or live 
shrimp seem to be the best way to sight fish for them.  Cut or live fingerling 
mullet are the best way to passively fish for these little guys. 

Until next time....Catch a memory!!! 

Captain Jim Ross
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Fishing Report For Wednesday, December 24, 2014

By: Fineline Fishing Charters-Captain Jim Ross

EAST ORLANDO-COCOA BEACH-PORT CANAVERAL-The colder water temps we usually experience this month bring good “action fishing” to the waters just outside of the Port due east of Cocoa Beach and Orlando. Bluefish should be the main species anglers are likely to encounter. The will hit buck tailed or plastic tailed jigs, Krocodile or gator style spoons, lipped diving plugs like the X-Rap or BX minnow and of course live shrimp. Other species that will take live shrimp this month along the surf zone near Cocoa Beach are whiting, pompano, black drum and weakfish. Look for the whiting and Pompano along the surf break and the weakfish and black drum on the ships channel buoys, or near shore wrecks like the Mohican just north of the ships channel. There should also be a good sheepshead bite around the jetty rocks and dock pilings within the confines of the Port itself. Small crabs, shrimp or sand fleas usually get them to respond.

DAYTONA BEACH-EAST ORLANDO AREA-MOSQUITO, INDIAN AND BANANA RIVER LAGOONS- Deeper canals and dredge holes in the Mosquito Lagoon south of Daytona Beach and north of Cocoa Beach are good places to start your search for redfish, speckled trout, and black drum on most mornings this month. The cold overnight temperatures usually bring these fish species into the deeper more stable waters located here. Live shrimp are the number one choice for bait danglers fishing here. There can also be very good action when using lures like a white, chartreuse, brown, or black colored HookUp buck tailed jigs. The buck-tail flows and moves well in the colder water, and when combined with Bang! or Pro-Cure scent products, can even out produce live shrimp on some days. Whiting, silver trout, sand trout, and weakfish, plus sheepshead are other species that anglers are likely to catch this month while fishing these deeper areas. If we get a few days of warm weather between fronts redfish may push out onto the shallow flats of the Indian, Banana, and Mosquito Lagoons to sun themselves and forage for shrimps, crabs, and small bait fish along many of the shorelines.  The Banana River Lagoon east of Orlando near Cocoa Beach is one area that can become very good when this happens.

Until next time….Catch a memory!!!!!

Captain Jim Ross

Fishing Report For Wednesday, November 26, 2014


COCOA BEACH -OFFSHORE-King mackerel should still be the most prevalent species outside of this inlet due east of Orlando.  Anglers should target them on the 70 to 90-foot reefs like Chris Bensen, Pelican Flats and 8A.  There should be small blackfin tuna, plus the
possibility of cobia and sailfish if the seas allow boaters to make it out there. Dolphin should be found in the 120 to 250-foot depths.  Harvest of Gray triggerfish is closing on the 26th so please release them.  Gag grouper and mangroves snapper are still available though.  

ORLANDO COCOA BEACH -INSHORE-Dropping water temperatures continue to push most of the redfish and trout into deeper-more protected waters in the Indian and Banana River Lagoons. Look for these fish to move to mangroves covered shorelines with a southern exposure.  Here they can warm in the sun even though the winds are howling out of the north and northeast over the first portion of the weekend.  Docks near drop offs, residential canal channel intersections,and dredge holes near Cocoa Beach and Daytona with 4 to 10-feet of water nearby are good hiding places as well.  These deeper water 
areas will remain more stable as the cold air chills the shallows.  Live shrimp or small baitfish are good offerings. Saltwater Assassin 2.5 to 4 inch shad tails rigged on a 1/16 to 1/18 ounce jig head are very popular artificial lures to use and will catch trout, redfish, and whiting in these deeper waters on most days. Try Albino Shad, Opening Night and Mama's 14k color patterns in those Assassin tails. 

Until next time....Catch a Memory!!!

Captain Jim Ross
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Orlando, Cocoa Beach, Daytona area

Fishing Report For Wednesday, November 12, 2014

November around port Canaveral can be one magical month if we get good weather conditions. When the seas are less than three feet offshore of Cocoa Beach anglers can get out into the “Bight” by boat and find Bluefish, Spanish Mackerel, Ladyfish, Shark, Redfish and Snook working schools of baitfish that are migrating southward along the Cocoa Beach area toward their wintering grounds in south Florida. Most of these species will hit live baitfish on a ¼ to ½ ounce HookUp brand jig head or a sliding sinker rig. Rapala X-Rap minnows in the size 8, 10, or 12 model sizes are also very popular lures to troll or cast along this area of shoreline. Flounder may also be a possibility along the near shore waters east of Orlando on some days, but more than likely anglers will find better numbers of flounder inside of the Port Canaveral ship turning basins at this time of the year. For Tripletail anglers usually fish along the ships channel buoys or look for color changes and floating debris and weeds in the 20 to 40-foot depths. Toss a live shrimp to fish hanging around these floating objects and you should get a positive response. I like to use a 2/0 or 3/0 circle hook attached to a piece of 30 pound test Sufix Fluorocarbon for this type of fishing. I generally do not use a weight on this rig to let the shrimp swim more naturally around the weeds or other floating structure that the tripletail may be hanging around. Pompano and whiting are normally abundant along the surf zones from the tip of the cape southward to Patrick Air Force Base and these tough little fish hit goofy jigs or small 1/8 and ¼ ounce HookUp jigs tipped with s piece of shrimp or whole sand flee.

Trout, black drum, and redfish are the “big three” that anglers will be targeting this month in the waters east of Orlando and south of Daytona Beach. The Speckled Trout and Redfish will normally strike top-water plugs or sub-surface plugs near mangrove covered shorelines or other structures like docks or rocky ridges near the western side of the Banan River Lagoon. Look for areas where schools of baitfish are milling around to hold the best numbers of these two species. Live (or fresh dead) shrimp, fingering mullet or pilchards can all be effective when rigged on a jig head or 3/0 to 5/0 sized VMC circle hook with a small split shot for weight. Black drum and Pompano can be found in residential canals and around islands in the Coca Beach area east of Orlando where baitfish are holding. These fish usually like cut clam, oyster, or shrimp best but have been known to hit a jig once in a while. In the Mosquito Lagoon south of Daytona Beach and east of Orlando anglers should look for fish holding along channel edges if we get a cold front or two because the water here will have a more stable temperature than areas out on the open flats.

Until next time….Catch a memory!!!

Captain Jim Ross

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Fishing Report For Thursday, October 23, 2014

NORTH ORLANDO-DAYTONA BEACH-OFFSHORE-Dolphin, sailfish, and wahoo action has been pretty good leading into this recent new moon along the western edge of the Gulf Stream.  Anglers trolling skirted ballyhoo along the steeples or Cones areas and over the Rolldown to the north of the inlet are seeing the best action for these species. Closer to shore tarpon, shark, and cobia are following the shrimp boats outside of the inlet. These species are also following bait pods south of the inlet from Bethune Beach to the False Cape.   

NORTH ORLANDO-DAYTONA BEACH-INSHORE-Along the beaches anglers are having some of the best action of the year.  Spanish mackerel, bluefish, ladyfish, jack and shark are just a few of the species that are following schools of fingerling mullet, glass minnows, and 
pilchards just outside of the surf break. Any small moving object will work for a lure on these fish during the first two hours of the morning.  Spoons, jigs, lipped diving plugs, etc will get you into a bite.  Whiting and pompano are Possible as well but cut shrimp or whole sand fleas on a jig or bottom rig are a better option for these two species.  

EAST ORLANDO-COCOA BEACH-OFFSHORE-Scattered king mackerel and cobia are coming from the reefs in the 60 to 90-foot depths.  Live pogies or mullet are your best bait choice if you intend to slow troll for these species.  Lipped diving plugs like the Rapala CD-14 series or the new Williamson speed pro series are good options if bait is not available. Choose natural colored plugs in clean water and highly visible plugs if the water gets a little dirty.  Jumbo shrimp will also work for the cobia when they swim up to your boat transom.  Tripletail are possible on buoys, weeds, and other floating debris in the 40 to 65-foot depths. 

EAST ORLANDO-COCOA BEACH-INSHORE-The near-shore waters are teaming with a variety of predators right now.  The area from the bight southward to Cocoa Beach has spanish mackerel, crevalle jack, bluefish, redfish, snook, ladyfish and too many sharks to keep track of.  Almost any lure that imitates a glass minnow, pilchard, or fingerling mullet should get you into a good bite. Spoons, HookUp jigs, Rapala X-Rap 10 or 12 diving plugs and Gotcha metal plugs will all get bit.  Redfish and trout action in the lagoons is fair at this time with much of the activity centered around the central and southern portions of the Mosquito lagoon. Cut mullet or ladyfish are still the best baits to use to get hooked up.  Anglers that are
poling the flats sight casting to individual fish or small pods are having good success using live shrimp or HookUp "Skimmer style" jigs in tan or white bucktail.  For added attraction spray these jigs with Bang! crab or Shrimp scent and work them rather slowly once they are in the fishes sight window. 

Until next time....Catch a memory!!

Captain Jim Ross

Fishing Report For Thursday, October 16, 2014


OFFSHORE-Scattered dolphin are feeding on baitfish holding near weeds or other floating debris in the 120 to 380-foot depths. A few wahoo may also be possible in this area Near the beaches and inlet anglers can find shark, tarpon, king mackerel, spanish mackerel and jack.  Amberjack and gag grouper are hitting on the offshore reefs and wrecks for anglers dropping live baitfish and cut squid. 

INSHORE-Flounder are possible for anglers drifting in the 30 to 60-foot depths.  Black drum are striking live or cut shrimp around the New Smyrna back waters from the south bridge to the three sisters area.  Redfish are hitting live and cut baitfish on the flats. 


OFFSHORE-Scattered dolphin are beginning to make a showing in the central east region over the past week.  Look for the best action in the 120 to 200-foot depths while trolling flying fish,mullet, or ballyhoo. 

INSHORE-Redfish and trout are showing that they can still be counted on on most days.  Three different lagoons are producing on mostdays.  Wednesdays full moon will slow the bite this weekend, but afew fish should still be possible for anglers fishing around mullet pods.

Let's go catch your next memory!!

Captain Jim Ross
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