Fishing Report For Thursday, October 23, 2014

NORTH ORLANDO-DAYTONA BEACH-OFFSHORE-Dolphin, sailfish, and wahoo action has been pretty good leading into this recent new moon along the western edge of the Gulf Stream.  Anglers trolling skirted ballyhoo along the steeples or Cones areas and over the Rolldown to the north of the inlet are seeing the best action for these species. Closer to shore tarpon, shark, and cobia are following the shrimp boats outside of the inlet. These species are also following bait pods south of the inlet from Bethune Beach to the False Cape.   

NORTH ORLANDO-DAYTONA BEACH-INSHORE-Along the beaches anglers are having some of the best action of the year.  Spanish mackerel, bluefish, ladyfish, jack and shark are just a few of the species that are following schools of fingerling mullet, glass minnows, and 
pilchards just outside of the surf break. Any small moving object will work for a lure on these fish during the first two hours of the morning.  Spoons, jigs, lipped diving plugs, etc will get you into a bite.  Whiting and pompano are Possible as well but cut shrimp or whole sand fleas on a jig or bottom rig are a better option for these two species.  

EAST ORLANDO-COCOA BEACH-OFFSHORE-Scattered king mackerel and cobia are coming from the reefs in the 60 to 90-foot depths.  Live pogies or mullet are your best bait choice if you intend to slow troll for these species.  Lipped diving plugs like the Rapala CD-14 series or the new Williamson speed pro series are good options if bait is not available. Choose natural colored plugs in clean water and highly visible plugs if the water gets a little dirty.  Jumbo shrimp will also work for the cobia when they swim up to your boat transom.  Tripletail are possible on buoys, weeds, and other floating debris in the 40 to 65-foot depths. 

EAST ORLANDO-COCOA BEACH-INSHORE-The near-shore waters are teaming with a variety of predators right now.  The area from the bight southward to Cocoa Beach has spanish mackerel, crevalle jack, bluefish, redfish, snook, ladyfish and too many sharks to keep track of.  Almost any lure that imitates a glass minnow, pilchard, or fingerling mullet should get you into a good bite. Spoons, HookUp jigs, Rapala X-Rap 10 or 12 diving plugs and Gotcha metal plugs will all get bit.  Redfish and trout action in the lagoons is fair at this time with much of the activity centered around the central and southern portions of the Mosquito lagoon. Cut mullet or ladyfish are still the best baits to use to get hooked up.  Anglers that are
poling the flats sight casting to individual fish or small pods are having good success using live shrimp or HookUp "Skimmer style" jigs in tan or white bucktail.  For added attraction spray these jigs with Bang! crab or Shrimp scent and work them rather slowly once they are in the fishes sight window. 

Until next time....Catch a memory!!

Captain Jim Ross

Fishing Report For Thursday, October 16, 2014


OFFSHORE-Scattered dolphin are feeding on baitfish holding near weeds or other floating debris in the 120 to 380-foot depths. A few wahoo may also be possible in this area Near the beaches and inlet anglers can find shark, tarpon, king mackerel, spanish mackerel and jack.  Amberjack and gag grouper are hitting on the offshore reefs and wrecks for anglers dropping live baitfish and cut squid. 

INSHORE-Flounder are possible for anglers drifting in the 30 to 60-foot depths.  Black drum are striking live or cut shrimp around the New Smyrna back waters from the south bridge to the three sisters area.  Redfish are hitting live and cut baitfish on the flats. 


OFFSHORE-Scattered dolphin are beginning to make a showing in the central east region over the past week.  Look for the best action in the 120 to 200-foot depths while trolling flying fish,mullet, or ballyhoo. 

INSHORE-Redfish and trout are showing that they can still be counted on on most days.  Three different lagoons are producing on mostdays.  Wednesdays full moon will slow the bite this weekend, but afew fish should still be possible for anglers fishing around mullet pods.

Let's go catch your next memory!!

Captain Jim Ross

Fishing Report For Sunday, October 5, 2014

Fineline Fishing Charters weekend fishing 4-cast by Capt. Jim Ross


DAYTONA BEACH-OFFSHORE-Small dolphin are striking trolled baits in the 150 to 250-foot depths this week.  Look for weed lines and other floating objects that will attract baitfish and in turn hold dolphin nearby. Wahoo, blackfin tuna and sailfish are other possible catches for anglers working these features with skirted ballyhoo
or live offerings.  Gag grouper and amberjack are hitting live andwhole dead baits on the wrecks and reefs in the 160 to 250-foot depths.  Williamson vertical jigs will also work for anglers willingto give them a try. 

DAYTONA BEACH & MOSQUITO LAGOON INSHORE-The action has slowed on the near-shore and inlet water this week.  Most of the captains that I've spoken with say that there is not as much bait in this 
area as there was last week. With the upcoming weekend cool front that is being predicted to pass through on Saturday, we may see this change rapidly either during the pre-frontal or post-front time periods.  Where good schools of baitfish are found along the beaches and inshore waters anglers should expect shark, tarpon, jack, ladyfish, bluefish, and other predators to be found close by.  When a feeding frenzy occurs, anglers should be able to land multiple
species in just a short time period if using live mullet or lures like the Rapala X-Rap that imitate them. 


COCOA BEACH OFFSHORE-It's been a fairly slow week offshore of the port so far but anglers are finding better numbers of king mackerel on the 70 to 90-foot reefs as the week has progressed.  Other good options include sea witch/strip combos in pink/white or red/black color combinations. Lipped diving plugs can also be effective at times with the Rapala CD-14 or CD-18 models leading the list of 
popular plugs to drag over these structures during the dawn and dusk periods. 

COCOA BEACH INSHORE-A variety of shark species plus bonito, tarpon, and even a few king mackerel can be found along the near-shore waters from the shuttle pad southward to the tip of the cape or between the cocoa Beach and Melbourne Beach areas. Anglers should rig live baits like pogies, mullet, or pilchards on a VMC 7385 
circle hook and 60 to 80 pound test leader.  Bluefish, ladyfish, spanish mackerel and other species are also possible when fishing near pods of baitfish along these area beaches.  Inshore the flats of all three lagoons have been producing redfish, trout, and even a few black drum.  The drum are becoming much harder to find in recent weeks because of the heavy commercial netting pressure 
that they are receiving in the north Indian River. this is where commercial harvesters have taken thousands of pounds of black drum out of the river in recent weeks. 

Until next time...Catch a Memory!!!! 

CAPTAIN JIM ROSS 321-636-3728

Fishing Report For Thursday, September 18, 2014

Fineline Fishing Charters October fishing 4-cast for port Canaveral and Banana Lagoon
By: capt Jim Ross

EAST ORLANDO- COCOA BEACH-PORT CANAVERAL-October is usually one of the best months of the year to fish inside and outside of Port Canaveral. The Fall mullet run should be in full swing and depending on the amount of cool weather we get (hopefully just a little bit) it should be a great month for anglers targeting snook, tarpon, tripletail, jack crevalle, and Spanish mackerel. These species will be following the schools of mullet and other baitfish southward along the beaches as they head for their wintering grounds in south Florida. Look for baitfish “showering” as they run from these predators when the action in the surf zones heats up. The best areas are usually from in front of the Delta rocket launch pads southward to the tip of the Cape, and from south Cocoa Beach near Patrick Air force base to Melbourne Beach. In these areas you may also see some king mackerel and sharks joining in on the festivities. Whether you’re standing on the beach or fishing from a boat, you should find plenty of willing fish to except your offering. Topwater and lipped diving plugs, Krocodile spoons, and HookUp jigs are popular lure choices to cast in and around the feeding activity.

DAYTONA BEACH, COCOA BEACH, MOSQUITO LAGOON, INDIAN AND BANANA RIVER LAGOONS- Island edges and drop off near the 1000 islands area of Cocoa Beach are going to be worth investigating this month as these are places that trout and redfish can ambush fingerling mullet from. Keep an eye out for small schools of redfish cruising the flats on the west side of the river on most days too. Soft plastic sea shad and jerk baits like the Saltwater Assassin 4-inch sea shad or 5 inch dia dapper rigged on a weedless weighted worm hook should keep any floating grass or algae from collecting on the hook in many cases. In the Mosquito Lagoon south of Daytona and east of Orlando live fingerling mullet or cut mullet can be a great way to catch quality fish. Rig the live baits under a float or free line them next to the mangrove branches and roots for explosive strikes. lay the cut baits in sandy potholes and wait for a pickup.

Until Next time….Catch a memory!!!

Captain Jim Ross

Fineline Fishing Charters- serving Orlando, Daytona Beach and Cocoa Beach.


Fishing Report For Wednesday, August 27, 2014



DAYTONA BEACH OFFSHORE-Once anglers can get offshore they should find dolphin, wahoo, and a few sailfish where the dirtier inshore waters meet the edge of the clean blue waters. One place to try is the western edge of the Gulf Stream. Here rips and weeds or floating debris should be concentrated. Winds coming out of the north and a current flowing to the north should make for a dynamic mix along this edge. Skirted ballyhoo or high speed lures and plugs are some of the more popular lures that should be used to search for a bite along this edge. Bottom fishing is not likely to be very good until the swells and high waves from tropical storm Christobal subside and the water has a chance to clear up a bit.

DAYTONA BEACH INSHORE-Flounder, bluefish, trout, and redfish are hitting live shrimp, fingerling mullet, and mud minnows on sliding sinker rigs and jig heads in the backwaters this week. Tarpon and snook are possible around the New Smyrna bridges and will usually strike live menhaden and pinfish free-lined in this area. farther to the south in the Mosquito Lagoon angles are finding good numbers of redfish on the flats on most days. Live or cut baits have been working best on them but soft plastic jerk baits and jigs will also work well when the fish are cruising from place to place. Tarpon are striking live baits in the Tiger Basin on most days. Captain Mike Mann has been putting his clients on fish up to 80 pounds over the past week and a half. Pinfish, pigfish, and mullet seem to be working best at this time.


COCOA BEACH OFFSHORE-Anglers out of this area should find the best action for dolphin and wahoo along the western edge of the Gulf Stream. See the Ponce inlet offshore report for more details on this. King Mackerel and cobia are possible on the reefs and wrecks in the 70-90 foot depths if the water is clean. If the water remains dirty in these depths because of the recent tropical storm then anglers should look for these fish to move to deeper areas like the 21 Fathom Ridge Or other areas where cleaner water and baitfish are present. Amberjack may be possible on the wrecks and reefs outside of the 200-foot mark. Live pinfish, pogies and croakers are going to be the best offering here. Williamson vertical speed jigs in glow colors will be the best lures to try for the reef donkeys

COCOA BEACH INSHORE-Mangrove Snapper, redfish, and speckled trout are working docks and rocky areas in the Cocoa and Rockledge areas of the Indian River Lagoon this week. Jigs tipped with shrimp or live shrimp on a small hook are good offerings for these fish. Saltwater Assassin soft plastic jigs or Hookup bucktail jigs sprayed with Bang! scent are also working well. Ladyfish, trout and jack are following schools of pilchards and glass minnows throughout the lagoon system. Anglers should scout for birds working over the top of actively feeding schools of fish in the 3 to 8-foot depths. Shorelines that are holding small baitfish like fingerling mullet or glass minnows are very good places to try this week as well.  King mackerel, tarpon, shark, and jack will be found around schools of baitfish that are working the near shore waters in 10 to 40-feet.

Until next time….Catch a memory!!!

Captain Jim Ross

Fineline Fishing Charters serving Orlando, Daytona Beach and Cocoa Beach

Fishing Report For Thursday, August 14, 2014



DAYTONA BEACH OFFSHORE-Anglers trolling high speed lures on the reefs outside of the 27 to 28 Fathom curve are getting a few wahoo and dolphin on most trips.  Amberjack can be found in these depths as well for bottom fisherman using live baits or vertical speed jigs.  King mackerel and scattered sailfish are striking live pogies trolled on the 70 to 100 foot reefs due east of the inlet.  Tarpon, shark, and jack are possible near shrimp boats or bait pods along the beaches in the 20 to 60-foot depths. Live and cut baits will usually get you hooked up on these fish. 

DAYTONA BEACH INSHORE-Trout and redfish have been good in the Spruce Creek and Rose Bay areas on the upper portions of the tide this week.  Live mud minnows, shrimp or small jigs that imitate them are working well.  Tarpon, snook and mangrove snapper are possible around the area bridges and docks for anglers fishing under the lights at night.  Shrimp are working well for the snapper and the tarpon and snook will hit small crabs, mullet, and pogies on most nights. 


COCOA BEACH OFFSHORE-King mackerel, cobia, and sailfish have been striking live pogies slow trolled in the 70 to 120-foot depths. Many of the reefs like Pelican Flats, 8A, and Chris Benson are prominent places to try, but don't over look color changes, temperature breaks, or small rips that may hold these fish as well. any sort of floating debris needs to be inspected as well.  Mangrove snapper have been hitting on the wrecks in these same depths. chum them to the surface and float or free-line small pieces of bait or small whole live baitfish to them on a 20 to 30 pound fluorocarbon leader. Closer to the beach anglers are hooking shark, tarpon, jack, and large redfish while slow trolling or drifting with live baits. 

COCOA BEACH INSHORE-Speckled trout have been a best bet along the 3-5 foot drop offs or deeper flats in the Indian and Mosquito Lagoons. Live pig fish under an Assassin Kwik Cork continues to bring 15 to 24-inch fish to the boat for anglers on most days.  Redfish are running around in small schools or pods in the flats.  Look 
for mullet schools or areas with multiple types of bait such as glass minnows, pinfish, pigfish, and fingerling mullet to be good places to search. 

Until next time....Catch a memory!!!!

Captain Jim Ross
Fineline Fishing Charters

Fishing Report For Tuesday, August 12, 2014



COCOA BEACH AND PORT CANAVERAL-Mangrove snapper are holding around the rocks and piers within the Ports’ basins.  Live pilchards, shrimp, mud minnows or fingerling mullet rigged on a 1/8 to1/2 ounce (depending on water depth of the structure you’re fishing) HookUp style jig head or VMC 1/0 to 2/0 circle hook should get you into the game. Flounder, jack, snook, and an occasional redfish may also be possible for anglers using these types of baits.  White bucktail jigs with Bang or Pro-Cure scent applied to them are another good lure option.  Snook, bluefish, jack, and Spanish mackerel will strike these baits on almost every cast when a concentration is found.  Along the beaches outside of the Port, anglers will still be catching tarpon, shark, and king mackerel.  The various types of sharks and the kingfish will usually scale from about 10 to 35 pounds.  The tarpon however will run from about 50 to 150-pounds on most days. Live menhaden (pogies) rigged on an 8/0 or 9/0 sized VMC 7385 circle hook are your top producer when it comes to the tarpon.  The shark and kingfish will generally get caught on a wire stinger rig adorned with a lively menhaden or mullet.    You can also cast large plugs around the bait pods found along the coast with good results on most days.

EAST ORLANDO- BANANA AND INDIAN RIVER AND MOSQUITO LAGOON-Speckled trout will be prowling the flats during the early morning periods.  Anglers getting on the water at first light will have the best chance to get one of the larger “gator” trout on a topwater plug.  Walk the dog style plugs like the Rapala Skitterwalk are very good choices on most mornings.  Some of the new “wake” baits that have come out into the market over the past few years can also be very productive on slot-sized and over slot-sized trout.  One of my new personal favorites is the Rapala waking minnow.  This type of lure has a very pronounced wobble to it so less experienced anglers can work it very easily even if they’ve really never fished before.  These wake baits are deadly on those bigger fish when worked near a mullet school that are milling around on the flats at daybreak or dusk.  Saltwater Assassin 5-inch soft plastic jerk baits rigged on a weedless weighted worm hook are another great type of lure that can be used to excite big trout this month.  The Gold pepper shiner and native shiner versions are two colors that every angler should have in their tackle box.  Redfish, tarpon and even a shark or two can be found in the Lagoon this month.  Live pinfish, pogies, and mullet rigged on a VMC circle hook similar to the ones mentioned in the paragraph above for tarpon are the best way to get hooked into one of these big fish.  These live offerings should be “free-lined” or fished under a cork in the 4 to 8-foot depths where baitfish are present.  Cut baits can also be effective at times on these three species, especially in the mid-day periods.


Until next time…..Catch a memory!!!!!


Captain Jim Ross

Fishing Report For Monday, August 11, 2014


DAYTONA BEACH OFFSHORE-Mangrove snapper, triggerfish, and sea bass are possible on the 70 to 140-foot structures.  Use cut squid, sardine, pogie or other baitfish on a standard bottom rig or chicken rig.  The mangroves can also be chummed up in the water column and then anglers can drift bait to them in the current.  Gag grouper and amberjack can usually be found on the reefs and wrecks in the 140 to 250-foot depths.  Large live baits like pinfish, croakers, grunts, and pogies are the best baits that anglers can use for them.  King mackerel, tarpon, shark, and bonito are keeping light tackle enthusiasts busy this week.  They have been holding in the 20 to 50-foot depths on most days.  It's possible to hook these fish on live and artificial baits when working large lures and jigs around the Bait pods in these depths.  

DAYTONA BEACH INSHORE-Mangrove snapper, black drum, redfish, and speckled trout are possible in the oyster laden back bays and creeks on most days.  Live shrimp or jigs tipped with shrimp are very effective on them. The drum will also hit cut clam or oyster as well.  Tarpon are rolling in the river in many of the deeper holes 
and bends.  Live fingerling mullet or pilchards can be good live baits for them and storm swim baits or small Rapala X-Rap or the new BX minnows in a green and silver or black and silver finish are producing strikes.  Most of the tarpon are 5 to 30 pounds but a few are larger. 


COCOA BEACH OFFSHORE-Cobia and gag grouper should be possible if you can get past the red snapper on the 120 to 180-foot structures outside of the port this week. Use live baits like pinfish, pogie or grunts or large chunk baits like bonito or barracuda. Amberjack are possible on the deeper structures in 180 to 250 feet of water on these same types of baits.  King mackerel are striking live pogies, sardines, and pilchards on the 70 to 90-foot reefs like pelican flats, Chris Benson, and 8A.  Slow troll these live baits on a wire stinger rig and throw a duster on the front of it to add some sparkle.  Pearl, pink, and chartreuse colored duster are working best at this time. Tarpon are following baitfish pods along the coast again this week.  Slow trolling with live pogies and greenies
seems to be the best way to get them.  Rig these live baits on an 8/0 or 9/0 VMC 7385 circle hook and 80 pound class Sufix fluorocarbon leader.  Shark, bonito, and king mackerel are also following these pods so a mixed bag can be expected on most days 

COCA BEACH INSHORE-Tarpon are making a showing in the lagoon this week and anglers are getting good shot at these fish in the IndianRiver between the NASA causeway to Turnbull Creek. Small lipped diving plugs like the Rapala X-rap 10 or swim baits imitating smallmullet by storm, Calcutta, or D.O.A. have been popular items to 
cast in the tarpons path.  Live pogies, pilchards, and fingerling mullet free Lined in the areas where these fish have been seen arealways a good choice. Use 40 to 50 Pound class Sufix Fluorocarbon leaders and 2/0 to 3/0 short shank live bait hooks or 3/0 to 4/0 size circle hook for these fish.  Trout and redfish catches are good during the morning and evening but can slow considerably during 
the mid-day periods right now.  Chunk baits are best to use for these fish on most days.

Until next time....Catch a memory!!!!

Captain Jim Ross

Fishing Report For Thursday, July 24, 2014


DAYTONA OFFSHORE-Red snapper are still open on Friday and Saturday of this week. Although anglers are catching good numbers and decent sizes on the 90 to 250-foot reefs and wrecks, it seems like the 21 fathom area is holding the best numbers on most days.  Look for areas of the reef that are marking good bait or schools of snapper on them and drop cut sardines, squid, and large chunk baits 
on a standard bottom rig.  Large mangrove snapper to 10 pounds can also be found on many of the wrecks in the 70 to 150-foot depths.Chum these fish up in the water column, and drop small live or cut baits back to them. 

DAYTONA INSHORE-A mixed bag of fish can be found near docks and pilings in the New Smyrna area. Bluefish, trout, tarpon, snook, redfish, flounder and black drum are possible. Anglers using Saltwater Assassin sea shad tails rigged on a 1/4 to 3/8 ounce jig head make for a good minnow imitation that can be fished near these structures during the incoming or outgoing tide.  Live shrimp or mud 
minnows can be good baits to use at the change of tide.  If you replace the Assassin shad tail with one of the live baits mentioned above, please be prepared to loose quite a few because these fish can be sneaky when striking on live baits.  


COCOA BEACH-EAST ORLANDO-OFFSHORE-Red snapper are the main target for anglers running offshore to do some bottom fishing this weekend.  Most of the reds are coming from the 120 to 250-foot depths.  Large baits will keep the smaller fish off of your offering.  Cobia, mangrove snapper and triggerfish are possible while fishing for the reds.  King mackerel are scattered along the 70 to 90-foot reefs and wrecks.  Also look for them cruising the beaches in the 15 to 40-foot depths while slow trolling live sardines or pogies. Tarpon, shark, and bonito will also hit live baits intended for the Kingfish in these depths. 

COCOA BEACH-EAST ORLANDO-INSHORE-Redfish continue to be a good bet for anglers working the bars and flats of the Mosquito Lagoon this week.  Snook, mangrove snapper, and trout are possible here as well.  Live shrimp or pigfish rigged under a cork or free lined 
into grassy areas will usually get them to strike. Lures like the Rapala Skitterwalk and new waking minnow are good options if you prefer to trick your reds instead of feeding them. 

Until next time....Catch a memory!!!! 

Capt Jim Ross
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